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  • General Adhesive - 500ml

    S.24484 - General Adhesive - 500ml

    BONDLOC® Contact Adhesive (500ml). High performance, easy to use, fast drying. Bonds: Wood, Metal, Rubber and Plastic.
  • Silicone Sealant NC - 310ml

    S.24122 - Silicone Sealant NC - 310ml

    BONDLOC® NC Silicone Sealant, Grey (310ml) Specified by Ransomes to replace the Dana wheel and Gasket A815531 for "T" series tractor, motor 213D as the gasket is no longer available.
  • Flexible Gasket B5190 -80ml

    S.24108 - Flexible Gasket B5190 -80ml

    BONDLOC® B5190 Flexible Gasket (80ml). Forms a perfect replacement gasket or dressing and can be used on all types of engine components withstanding constant temperatures up to 270°C and intermittent temperatures up to 350°C. Non shrinking and remains flexible.
  • Hydraulic Seal B542 - 10ml

    S.24088 - Hydraulic Seal B542 - 10ml

    BONDLOC® B542 Hydraulic Seal & Locker, Brown (10ml). This medium strength sealant is used for hydraulic valves, threaded couplings, adaptors, quick disconnect parts, compression fittings and vibration proofing joints. Service temperature range: -55°C - +150°C. Tensile strength 18 N/mm². Max Thread Size: M26. Fixture Time: 20 mins.
  • Steel Epoxy Resin B2013 -25ml

    S.24103 - Steel Epoxy Resin B2013 -25ml

    BONDLOC® Steel Epoxy Resin, Grey (25ml). A steel–filled epoxy putty for general maintenance and repairs. Can be used to repair worn or fatigued metals, patch castings, making jigs and fixtures, rebuild pumps, valve bodies. For repairing or filling iron, steel, brass, bronze, aluminium, copper, wood and concrete. Can be drilled, filed, tapped, machined or painted. Tensile strength 14 - 18 N/mm². Working Time: 4 mins Fixture Time: 7 mins.
  • Adhesive Aerosol B7772 -500ml

    S.24112 - Adhesive Aerosol B7772 -500ml

    BONDLOC® B7772 Adhesive Spray (500ml). Rapid bonding power forms a material film. Six way spray pattern. Can be used on a variety of substrates including wood, concrete, stone, tiles, rubber, foam, metals, rigid plastic, polyethylene, canvas fabrics, cardboard, paper, cork & artificial leather. It is also ideal for fixing polyethylene sheets, thermal insulation and for packing applications such as palletising or case sealing. Service temperature range: -5°C - +80°C.
  • Windscreen Repair Kit

    S.24609 - Windscreen Repair Kit

    BONDLOC® Windscreen Repair Kit (5ml). Makes permanent air-tight repairs on most types of damaged laminated windshield glass, including bullseye’s, star damage and chips up to 1 1/4'' in just a few minutes. This state-of-the-art delivery system with advanced spring-lock feature, allows you to make professional-quality repairs with no mixing required and it cures by natural daylight. This complete kit provides everything needed for the repair including easy-to-follow instructions with photographs. Service temperature range: 4°C - 27°C. NOTE: Ultra violet sun rays cure the resin, when repair is complete move vehicle into direct sunlight for 15 minutes. (On hazy days, park vehicle outside for a minimum of one hour).
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