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  • Pallet Frame With High Back

    S.153074 - Pallet Frame With High Back

    Euro - Norm Connection Lift Capacity 1000Kg
  • Ceramic Paste - Spray 200ml

    S.81610 - Ceramic Paste - Spray 200ml

    Separator and lubricant for connections and fittings exposed to high loads and temperatures. Used as a collector paste on turbines, exhaust pipes, axles, gears, valves, chains, joints and rails. Brakes, couplings, friction surfaces, etc. Product Features: Especially suitable for stainless steel surfaces. Not suitable as bed lubrication. The product is applied with special brush applied to the spray can.  Prevents permanent joining of metal parts made of copper, stainless steel, zinc, aluminum, etc. Extra effective attachment. Resistant to hot and cold water. Does not contain silicone or metal. Non-conductive, prevents electrochemical corrosion. Temperature range from -20°C to 1500°C.
  • De-Icer - Spray 500ml

    S.81550 - De-Icer - Spray 500ml

    Applications: Windscreen de-icing spray. Product characteristics: Prevents re-freezing. Fast-acting.
  • Clima Clean - Spray 100ml

    S.81480 - Clima Clean - Spray 100ml

    Applications: For cleaning and disinfection of AC units. Product properties: ClimaClean eliminates odors generated by dust, dirt, bacteria, and fungi, thus fresh air is restored in the cabin. Very easy to use.
  • Foam Cleaner - Spray 500ml

    S.81360 - Foam Cleaner - Spray 500ml

    Applications: For cleaning and brightening of car interiors. Product properties: Perfect for spot cleaning. High-efficient active cleaning ingredients quickly and thoroughly remove ground-in dirt, such as nicotine film, grease, and food remains. Well-suited for all washable surfaces, such as e.g. synthetic materials, textiles, smooth leather, glass, etc. Excellent stability, eminently suited for vertical surfaces. Gentle on the materials and environmentally safe. The active cleaning agents are biodegradable. Pleasant fresh citrus scent.
  • Graphite Oil - Spray 500ml

    S.81300 - Graphite Oil - Spray 500ml

    Applications: Loosens and lubricates rust seized unions and connections. Product properties: Loosens and lubricates stuck corroding connections. Graphite content provides extra lubrication preventing seizure of screws, washers, and bolts at mountening and dismountening. Provides fine pressure resistant lube film (VKA value acc. to DIN 51350: 1,200 N). Displaces moisture and prevents jarring noises as well as slackness from wear and friction.  Protects and maintains materials. Thermally stable range: -30° C to 450° C. Silicone-free, does not solidify.
  • Glass Foam - Spray 500ml

    S.81170 - Glass Foam - Spray 500ml

    For interior and exterior cleaning of glass and all slippery surfaces. Product Features: Removes quickly and effortlessly dirt and organic residues, insect nugget, grease, oil, nicotine, etc. Glass foam is fast-acting. Does not attack rubber and plastic. Stri-free and environmentally friendly cleaning. Clean, care and protect in a workflow without cleaning. Reduces wiper blade wear.
  • Brake Cleaner - Spray 500ml

    S.81160 - Brake Cleaner - Spray 500ml

    Applications: For cleaning and degreasing brakes and other parts on vehicles. Product properties: Quick and efficient removal of brake and clutch dust, dirt, grease and oil. Dries quickly, total evaporation. Acetone-free, does not act on rubber, synthetic material or paint. Non-caustic. Silicone-free.
  • Universal Oil - Spray 250ml

    S.81010 - Universal Oil - Spray 250ml

    Dissolves rust and rusty connections Lubricates wearing parts Maintains Stops jarring sounds Prevents damp in distributors. etc. Protects against rust and corrosion Dissolves dirt Efficient lock oil Acid- and silicone-free
  • U20 PROFI 25 Bench Vice Device
  • Ferrite Sleeve

    S.119979 - Ferrite Sleeve

    Size: 16.6 x 18mm Ø: 6mm For EMI Suppression Ferrite core, plastic shell Resealable Easy to assemble and dismantle This ferrite core can be snapped around a power cable close to the source to eliminate high frequency interference. Applicable in the event of malfunctions on Radio, Camera systems and other electrical equipment.
  • BELT JOINER H24BS 8-23 T2F
  • Vinyl Seat Pan

    S.155602 - Vinyl Seat Pan

    W 450mm H 290mm L 420mm Weight 6kg
  • Baler Belt - Belt No.
  • 1/16 Scale Bruder () Claas Jaguar 980
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