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Welding Equipment

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  • Cordless soldering iron

    S.151757 - Cordless soldering iron

    No 220V = no risk associated with the current.30W: high power for a small device.Unlike gas soldering irons, this does not involve any flame. Fire is not permitted in garages for obvious safety reasons.No adjustment as with gas irons.No ordering and shipping of gas (speaking logistically, shipping gas is problematic. e.g. by plane)No cable. Very mobile with a high run time.Precision tip for fine solders (connectors, etc.)Universal tip for soldering cables (e.g: cabling a trailer hitch)Tip for heat-shrink sheaths: Does not come into contact with the sheath so it doesn't melt it.Its heating speed makes work easier: No need to heat the iron 10-15 minutes before starting work. Here it heats up in 10-15 SECONDS.Case remains cold throughout the operation.Warm-up time: 10-15 secondsRuntime: 35 min realCan also be used connected to the mains (charging)Lithium Battery = 500-700 charge cycles
  • Electrode Holder

    S.11293 - Electrode Holder

    Fitted with two cable securing screwsComplies with the standard H.D.362 B-type400 Amp
  • Electronic Welding Mask

    S.27358 - Electronic Welding Mask

    Hands free mask that is solar powered with clear view filter and permanent UV/IR protection (4/9-13)View area: 96 x 42mmTime from light to dark: 1/10000 sOperating temperature: -5°C (23°F) to 55°C (131°F)
  • Magnetic Welding Aid - 25lbs

    S.27979 - Magnetic Welding Aid - 25lbs

    • Strong powerful magnetic welding aid for ferrous metals • Holds work in position for welding soldering & assembling on flat or round bar • Can hold work piece at various angles 45° 90° & 135°
  • Magnetic Welding Aid - 50lbs

    S.27980 - Magnetic Welding Aid - 50lbs

    Strong powerful magnetic welding aid for ferrous metalsHolds work in position for welding soldering & assembling on flat or round barCan hold work piece at various angles 45° 90° & 135°
  • WELD.ELEC.6013 2.5X300MM 2.5KG
  • Welding Earth Clamp 400 Amp
  • Welding Electrodes 6013 For use On Mild Steel
  • Welding Spray Anti Spatter 300ml

    S.26209 - Welding Spray Anti Spatter 300ml

    Anti - Spatter Welding Spray 300ml. Solvent free spray prolongs tip and shroud life. Prevents the adhesion of weld spatter to the surrounding area. Best replacement for DCM solvent based aerosol, vegetable oil based highly effective.
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